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This is an opportunity for companies to enhance their employees' well-being by offering them educational tools online to live a healthier and more productive life. An employer can provide valuable education to their staff without having to travel off site. Sessions can be single events or multiple events over a period of days, weeks or month Currently running is a Well-Being 101 series which focuses on all the topics below.

Topic options:

• Propelling forward towards personal well-being goals
• Stress less
• Power of sleep
• Detoxing sugar
 and power of food

• Let’s get moving
• Reducing inflammation in the body
• Understanding proteins, carbohydrates and fat
• Mindfulness and meditation
• Reducing metabolic syndrome
• Open to other topics that interest you

Colorful Food

Want to get a group fired up and inspired? This is a great time to connect people energetically and encourage a mindset to move forward and expand the scope of possibilities for their lives. Topics can be selected from the menu above or designed for your specific needs.

Group Lecture

These smaller sessions can be held online or in a gym to instruct employees in the use of equipment or how to build a workout routine, in a kitchen to learn the fundamentals of cooking nutritious food, in the workplace for well-being education, outdoors for nature hikes or grocery store tours. These are opportunities to dive deeply into topics, build stronger connections and discuss well-being goals.
There are endless possibilities.

Getting Ready to Run

Some people prefer to be coached individually because that is in their comfort zone. These coaching sessions can consist of nutritional consultations, cooking, a yoga session, personal fitness training or mindfulness and meditation.

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