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About Me

I am a woman who is navigating her way through life with curiosity, successes, losses, happiness, grief and figuring out what works best for my own health and peace of mind. My life has taught me the power of connecting with people and realizing that sharing our vulnerabilities creates better bonding. I am empathetic to the diverse group of women and men who have had many life experiences and challenges as well.

The majority of people want to be healthy. As a personal and group trainer dating back to the era of Vic Tanny's you might say I am seasoned helping people become fit. Now on the other side of menopause I have gained maturity and even more perspective on health and well-being. 

Wanting to understand the body more I became a Radiological Technologist and worked in community and trauma hospitals for fourteen years, this gave me insights into the inner workings of the body and witness many diseases within. With this deeper knowledge it led me back to guiding people to be healthier so they could live the longest life possible so, I returned to my career as a Certified Personal Trainer. I also became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor to add more value to clients. 

The personal goals that used to get me out of bed in the mornings were to run the New York City and Boston Marathons, earn my second degree blackbelt and compete nationally in taekwondo. Now what gets me excited to get out of bed is my goal to help people aspire to living well.

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My Philosophy

It is my intention to help people live their healthiest and best life.

I want everyone to feel good by nurturing their mind, body and soul. It is paramount that we look after ourselves as we have only one body and it is up to us to care for it properly so it can sustain us for years. Loving and nurturing oneself is not selfish, it is self-care which allows us to fulfil our other responsibilities in life with more energy and without resentment.

In my experience, attitude and perspective are of the utmost importance in how we live. We have so much to be grateful for. If we can be aware of the simplest of things and come from a place of appreciation it can change the trajectory and path of how we feel.

Every human being is worthy of living their best life. There is infinite potentiality for well-being for everyone. My hope is people will honour this.

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